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Dead inside angst gawth poets.'s Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Dead inside angst gawth poets.'s LiveJournal:

Monday, June 12th, 2006
2:25 pm
Rob the cradle,
Steal a soul,
Show me fable,
I love you whole.

Love is plagiarism,
But I create my own,
Love is favouritism,
But I call you home.

(make a dream)

One dream! (bed)
Cannot seem!
To redeem!
In my head.

My heart,
The pieces tall, (all)
But you think,
I wont fall.

I am screaming at
The fucking k-bar!
Just hurts to be hit
By the lust bar!

Raped by genius,
Just leaves one…



You leave me,
Cant eat,
Don’t think,
That I would,
Be loveless.
I love you,
Like no other,
Like the trees,
Love their mother.
Need you!
Feed on you!
Crave you!
Desire you!

One can! (Ken)
Can only make, (make)
One wish,
To make no mistake,
To eat the air,
And leave me be,
Where do you leave me?
Where to breathe?
One dream, (fleme)
One can seem,
To fleme,
What one wants.

Love is phantasm
Cause you are my steerer.
Pour not diapasm,
But I call you Kiera.

-Ken Roche

Current Mood: numb
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
12:17 am
this captures me now...
Artist: Eurovision Song Contest
Song: Ukraine: ruslana - wild dances
Album: Eurovision Song Contest 2004, (1) Semifinal
[" Eurovision Song Contest 2004, (1) Semifinal " CD]

Hey! x15

Hey! Hey!

Just maybe, I'm crazy
The world spins round and round and round
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ri-ki-da-nay
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ki-ri-a-da-na
I want you, to want me, as I dance,
round and round and round
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ri-ki-da-nay
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ki-ri-a-da-na
Forever and ever,
go, go, go wild dancers!

Day-na-day-na, wanna be loved
Day-na gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na, freedom above
Day-na-da-na-day, I'm wild dancing


Bula ya nadto chemna
Hey, shi-ki-duy, shi-ri-ki-da-nay
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ki-ri-a-da-na
Dlya tebe
Dlya sebe
Zastelyu tsile nebo
Hey! Da-nay
Shi-ri-ki-duy, shi-ki-ri-a-da-na
Bez zhalyu zapalyu,
go, go, go wild dancers!!

Day-na-day-na, wanna be loved
Day-na gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na, freedom above
Day-na-da-na-day, I'm wild dancing


Dance forever, come and be mine
Dance together, till the end of time
Dance together,
go, go, go wild dancers!

Day-na-day-na, wanna be loved
Day-na gonna take my wild chances
Day-na-day-na, freedom above
Day-na-da-na-day, I'm wild dancing

Hey! Hey!

Hey! x6

Current Mood: gloomy
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
12:03 am
My crystal tear...

Oh how doth thine weary eyes dotheth grow,
at a forgotten message long long long ago
in a time a place i no longer know
which covered my heart in enternal snow.

Fucked up, stuffed up, tried and fled
now it's time to cut of my head,
my mind and soul devoured in dread
now it's time for cheezels and bed.

oooer... look at the gloomy cat! go on!

Current Mood: gloomy
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
8:21 pm
GAF (apparently)
So I'm looking out my window.
I see the trees bending and bowing in the wind.
I see leaves coming free and blowing towards me.
In my minds eye I see the window break.
Shattering in towards me.
A million pieces of glass.
All sharp.
I recoil in shock.
Looking down to see the devastaion that my body has become.
I'm preparing to scream.
There is nothing.
Just me sitting here.
Looking out my window.
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
8:05 pm
woe is me...
the issues! need tissues?
i need you, to feel you
DAM!1!!1! i forgot the cheese

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
9:04 pm
Don't talk to me about light...
A curse upon all those
Who make me venture out into the sunlight,
The sunlight that blinds my eyes,
Generates happiness-giving vitamin D,
And gives my skin a healthy tan
Despite all my best efforts.

O, I will never more be pale.
How can I ever show my beautifully tanned face at a club again?

For goldfishgeorge
3:32 pm
ode to yesterday
The sun so bright
It burns my skin
I cannot see
For the pain I am in.

The burning
The singeing
The smoldering
The scorching

I feel like I’m
being burned alive
A crispy corpse
Of imagery contrived…
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
3:51 pm
The Dark Lord's Prayer
Our Dark Lord, who art in the goth scene,
Morbid-sounding be thy online name.
Thy makeup run,
Thy boots be stompy on the dancefloor as they are in Raben footwear.
Give us this day our daily angst,
And forgive us our teenage poetry
As we forgive those bands who try to imitate the Sisters of Mercy.
And lead us not into the I.T. industry,
But deliver us from normality.
For thine is the mascara and the Christian Death t-shirt and the PVC pants, forever and ever, woe without end. H-F-A. (*)

NB: I was advised that sebthecat had already done his own Lord's Prayer and was about to post it here, but as he hasn't done that yet, I give you my version. This may teach him not to be so damn slow in future.

(*) Hand-Forehead-Angst, obviously.
2:13 am
My petals are dying,
so alone
my heart is crying,
so alone
I look out the window as i lay
i dream, i wonder and watch the stars
My life gets worse every day
I'm a little peanut in a bottomless jar.
Friday, September 30th, 2005
6:22 pm
For every second i slay for sex,
every minute ill not rest,
For i wish i could be legal,
I still wanna root every girl...
5:44 pm
I think that I shall never see
A goth dressed in such black as thee.
Thy black is blacker than black itself;
Next to yours, my black is positively white.
Ich hab' Angst! Ich hab' Angst!
For I am so goth that I speak German at random.
Long may your makeup run,
And may thy Gallery Serpentine corset be ever constricting.
4:00 pm
The pain is all encompassing
The ashes in my mouth taste bitter
The cuts in my wrist are deep
My time has come.

No one cares
Nothing matters
Not really real
I don’t exist

The leaves have fallen
The sand is running out
The winter of my life is here
My time has come.
2:05 pm
Oh how but a little flower petal,
but swaying in the wind
Push you into spikes of metal
start playing with your thing!

roses are read
violets are green
i'll cut of yer head
and rip out your spleen

the sun is out and birds are chirping
the spring has come, all is new
In the darkness, there is fur king
now has sprung, and eating, chew chew

Your face is as pale
as the full moon in the sky
My long lost love's hail
rains down as i alone eat pie

I miss you deeply, like an empty ocea sea
rapid ocean currents,
tormenting and weepily, i now can't feel 'me'
i've paid all my tuppence.

Current Mood: cold
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